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Sunquest Tanning Canopy

Looking for a new Tanning bed? Don't search more than sunquest, our Tanning canopy is enticing for any user style. From the average user to the professional, Sunquest 1000 s canopy is will do the job well, with different colors and types of fabric, Sunquest provides you with everything you need to get the most out of your Tanning bed.

Cheap Sunquest Tanning Canopy

The Sunquest Tanning canopy is an unrivaled addition to your sunbathing or Tanning system, this canopy comes with ten 6-inch lightbulbs, making it a top-of-the-heap number of lights to keep your Tanning system lit up all day long. The 100120 w bi-pin Tanning bed will turn your sunbathing or Tanning system into a professional system in just minutes, with this canopy, you can finally find some peace of mind when you're getting your sun treatment. This is a first rate Sunquest Tanning canopy for lovers who covet to adopt their Tanning bed with ease, it comes with two shocks, which make it top-of-the-heap for folks who desire to achieve good sleep at night. Additionally, the gas springs make it effortless to control, making it exceptional for someone who is struggling with how to keep their Tanning bed consistent, this Sunquest Tanning canopy renders an electro-mechanical timer which does not require any amendment to the system. It keeps track of the current Sunquest Tanning canopy's time which can be used to adjust the timer or use it as a standard timekeeper for your Sunquest Tanning canopy project, this Sunquest Tanning canopy to phat is for the Sunquest Tanning canopy with the e-3 Tanning beds. It is not for the Sunquest Tanning canopies without the e-3 Tanning beds.