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Ozark Trail Dining Canopy

The Ozark Trail 11 ft x 8 ft Dining canopy tent center height 6 ft 11 in, is a peerless way to provide accurate and comfortable seating for your guests. With a stylish and stylish design, this tent will make your Dining area feel like an extension of your home, the Ozark Trail Dining canopy tent is conjointly made with an extra thick canopy that will protect your guests from the sun and other elements.

Ozark Trail Dining Canopy 11x8 Instructions

This Ozark Trail Dining canopy will provide you with all the protection you need to enjoy good food service in the sun, the canopy is 11 x8 inches and is manufactured of recycled materials. It is conjointly comfortable to sit in, with its soft, numbing layer and weatherboard construction, this Ozark Trail Dining canopy is an excellent surrogate to have a beautiful view and to adopt as a blending area for multiple groups of people. It is 11 feet tall x 8 feet wide and extends a center height of 6 feet 11 inches, it is top-of-the-line for families or groups of friends. This is an unequaled pick-up spot for the summer months as it's bright and sunny outside, not only do you have direct access to the yard from the table and chair area, but also a direct access to the sun and shade. This will take care of all of you luggage! The Ozark Trail Dining canopy is an outstanding alternative to enjoy the natural beauty of Ozark terrain, with an 11 ft x 8 ft canopy, you'll be able to enjoy the large amount of space that you'll have in this tent. This tent is again first-rate for folks who desiderate to relax in the sun or take a break between hours of hiking.