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Outdoor Hanging Canopy Fan

The Outdoor Hanging canopy Fan is outstanding for lovers who enjoy to go out for a walk or go camping, this Fan extends an 6 leaves Hanging canopy that provides some estate during the summer days. The Fan also offers an 5 v usb charging port so you can charge your devices at home, plus, the switch on the Fan makes it effortless to turn on and off, making it top for both Outdoor and indoor use.

Outdoor Hanging Canopy Fan Amazon

This Outdoor Hanging canopy Fan is top-rated for camping, bed camp, or any Outdoor party, it offers a stylish cellular look and feel with its blue and red color scheme. The Fan renders a quick start guide that makes it uncomplicated to set up, the Fan runs on electricity so it's exceptional for lovers who are solar power lovers. The 3, 7 m cable makes it an ideal Fan for use in your home or office. The usb battery port use, while the 4 speed setting ensures adequate power, this Fan is running at a fast speed of 5 rotations per minute which means that you can easily get a cool breeze. The large size of this Fan also means that it can hang this even large canopy Fan in a small area, the design of this Fan also means that you can easily line up the Fan to the sky with no issues. This Fan is fabricated with 6, 5 leaves and 5 v to 3 style that will change the look and feel of your Outdoor environment. This Fan also comes with a carry handle.