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Exo Terra Light Canopy

Terra dual top canopy is superb for a professional or biz store, this go-to Light canopy is fantastic for individuals who need or uv light. The halogen basking fixture gives you a natural searching flourescent light, this canopy is moreover ready to be used as a top or bottom canopy for.

Top 10 Exo Terra Light Canopy

The Exo Terra forest canopy is a novel Light canopy that uses tropical plant growth led lights to produce a beautiful forest-like effect, this canopy is terrific for taking up space in your garden or property. This small, compact top terrarium canopy is top-rated for use with reptiles and pets in the know, this canopy is fabricated Terra material this high-quality and durable top terrarium canopy. It is facile to set up and is unrivalled for use with Exo Terra plants and animals, the Light fixture is first-rate for adding some Light and life to your pet's bedroom. The Exo Terra nano compact top terrarium is terrific for keeping small to medium-sized pets in small, lightweight and facile to keep, the top layer of cheesecloth and netting provide a shaded location to watch your pets, and the canopy shows you are taking care of business. The 12-watt low power Light fixture makes it facile to find your pet in the dark, and the open canopies provide a beneficial environment for predators, our Exo Terra canopies are top-of-the-heap for small to medium size pets. Our canopies are made of durable materials that can take contact with a variety of chemicals and influences the product's reliability over time, our canopies are also lightweight and can be easily moved around your home or pet room.