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10x30 Canopy Tent Instructions

This 10 x30 canopy Tent can be used for a large wedding party or event, the walls can be removed for a more modern look or the event can be a complete outside party. This Tent comes with 8 removable walls that can be adapted to a large wedding party or event, the Tent also renders a white finish that will go well with any event.

10'x30 White Party Tent Gazebo Canopy With Sidewalls Instructions

This 10 x30 white party Tent gazebo canopy with sidewalls Instructions can be used in any event that features a gazebo, as the only gazebo product from heavy duty protection, this Tent will protect your gazebo from storm damage. With perforated sidewalls and a durable construction, this Tent will protect your event from storm damage, this 10 x30 outdoor party Tent canopy is sterling for your outdoor party! It is manufactured from high-quality materials and will provide your family with a nice, large Tent to have and to stay safe while at the party. The canopy presents 8 sidewalks that can be replaced as needed, and is fabricated to be very comfortable for everyone plus, there are several different pavilions to choose from, just like the one in the picture, to make it easier for you to choose an exceptional Tent for your event, this 10 x30 outdoor canopy party Tent will be your easily portable wall of fun! The canopy can be removed for facile packing and it comes with a wall-mounted 10 x30 outdoor canopy system. Simply remove the finder and insert the canopy system into the wall, then selves into action by removing the rain cover and adding the canopy system! The 10 x30 outdoor canopy Tent is unequaled for any outdoor event that may need a little more space. This 10 x30 canopy Tent is top-rated for a camping function or wedding, it is fabricated of heavy-duty materials and can accommodate 3-6 people. The Tent is uncomplicated to set up and is prime for sunbathing and spending time in the shade, this Tent can also accommodate a party of 10-15 people. This Tent can be used for an outdoor party or camping function, it is top-rated for caning up with a "10 x30" in each section, it gives an 30" w x 30" l x/2" h zig-zag fabric on each side for extra strength and stability. There is conjointly a catch bar in the front that can be pulled to the y-axis to make it more stable, this Tent as well made to be lightweight and enticing for small events or can easily be transported by car.